Laura Bărbulescu debuted as a writer in May 2017 with her first book „Live it Your Way!”. This soul project has born out of the desire to help people, to guide them towards reaching their happiness through her personal experiences. She has been awarded prizes for creativity since high school and has always been attracted to reading personal development books. being part of an international project, where she met a lot of people and entered a personal development training system, she reached to the conclusion that people started to need mote support and guidance intro their lives. 

The book „Live it Your Way!” is meant to help people become aware of what they already know, namely, life is meant to be lived at it’s fullest, savored entirely and not just survived. We find ourselves on this earth to enjoy everything that surrounds us and not to struggle and complain. Of course, not all days will be sunny, but we can create our own universe if we know how to correctly use the universal laws. Everything you think you can do and everything you desire is possible. This book teaches you how to get exactly what you want from this life and enjoy it to its fullest. You already know all this, you just have to acknowledge them. It’s entirely up to you! Applying all that you find in this book, day after day, I became happier, more fullfiled and more good things have started to come intro my life like an avalanche. 

If you have a dream, no matter what it is and how impossible might appear, don’t ignore it, it is the thing that keeps you alive, helps you breathe, walk, move forward, smile and fight any obstacle coming your way. Once you loose your dream, you loose yourself, you loose the very essence of your life, the flame that empowers your soul. When you go on the path that society or education dictates you to take, you feed good for just a few moments, due to acceptance and the sensation of belonging to a group, but, deep inside you there is a desperate child voice that screams out loud not to break him, not to loose him, not to abandon him, that voice is your dream, your hope and your engine. Withouth that dream you are just a shell.

How many times have you walk down the street, in the subway, at the mall and really look around you, seeing people that walk like robots, mostly looking down, frowned and so absent that they seem to wear the weight of the world on their shoulders? Well, these people have gone so far from their dream that they forgot it, lost is, it seems far far away, like in another life and they remember it only with nostalgia, with regret. Hmm, when I was in high school I wanted to start my own band and go on world tours…I love to picture what cities I would visit, how after every show we will taste traditional dishes and the next day we will go visit some hidden gems of the city. How nice would that have been! And here we stop! WHY? Because many people consider it’s too late! Says who?

Now that we understand that nothing is impossible to achieve, we need to understand the ingredients needed to make your dream come true. The first and most important thing is hope. Now that we have desire, we must add hope to it. Hope is what sets us apart from animals the most, they do not feel this emotion, they do not hope that tomorrow they will receive more food, that they will go to the park or that they will find their soul mate, they take their lives as such. We humans, on the other hand, live every day with the hope that tomorrow will be better, more beautiful, easier, sunnier, freer, or simply calmer. For a long time I lived with doubt in my soul, with the doubt of the path I want to follow in life, all the time I felt that I was left on earth for a greater purpose, to do something that would impact the people around me. , but it took me a long time to realize what that goal was, but my dream was always the same. So, when I got wet with the desire to become a writer, I made the decision to pursue this dream at all costs and put all my hopes into it. I started putting ideas on paper, reading more, looking for inspiration at every step, in nature, in people, in movies, and in my own past experiences, and it was hope that helped me move forward. I get past the deadlock days when I was standing in front of a white sheet on which I could not lay anything. It was hope that kept me in position and shouted at me day in and day out, „Don’t let your dream die!” today’s result – the book „Live it Your Way!”.

Readers of this book will learn how to be happy in the true sense of the word, how to overcome certain fears and anxieties in pursuing their dream, and how to have hope and confidence in themselves and their own strength. After all, what else do you need to get up there, far away, where the earth meets the sky? TRUST, confidence in yourself, in your own strength. Without confidence, hope disappears, you feel useless, you feel discouraged and you think you don’t deserve that success, whether it’s a good job, success in your own business, luck in love or simply the desire to be able to afford it. one vacation a year. Trust is essential and it can be built through self-love, love yourself first and foremost and appreciate yourself, accept yourself with qualities and flaws and trust that you are you for a specific reason. Who is that? Well, that’s what you need to know.

The main reader of this book is the man who wants to constantly evolve, looking to be better tomorrow than he was today. The man who wants to break down the barriers, to overcome those limits imposed and implemented in his mind and soul from childhood, through education, through the rules imposed by society. The target audience is women and men alike with low to medium incomes and ages 14 to 42 who are looking for a way out of life, who want to achieve something truly important, or who are simply looking for fulfillment. of any kind. Being the mother of a 3-year-old boy, I really want to raise and educate him in a healthy way and I try to arouse his curiosity for reading, but especially for personal development, right now. I would love to see this subject introduced in the school curriculum, a subject that ultimately helps a child to develop harmoniously and to have a much clearer perception of what he wants to do with his life and how to he chooses his way! This book is aimed at all ages, especially young parents who have a new life in their hands. The child is like a sponge, a sponge that absorbs absolutely everything he receives around him, and if his parents give him a strong foundation, that child will be invincible and will achieve all his goals and ideals in life. Fortunately, there are moms who share the same feelings with me, and I’d love to know that our numbers are growing.

Most people feel that when you have money, you are unlucky in love, or when you are emotionally fulfilled and have a happy family, you are struggling financially, and that’s because someone has given them a lifetime. he said, „You can’t have them all!” On the other hand, many young people who live in these times focus so much on their careers and do not want a family, they do not feel ready for commitments or the responsibility of a child, because many consider that when you get married or have a child. baby, your life is over and you can’t follow your dream. Other people are afraid of success, they are afraid to get up there because they will lose their morality or it takes too many sacrifices, they will lose their friends, but they do not understand that integrity and morality are theirs, no one can force them to give them up. In addition, true friends will never stand in the way of their dream and the sacrifices made to get there are less than the results achieved or the sacrifices made if they did not follow their dream. The greatest sacrifice anyone can make in this life is to give up his dream, to listen to anyone but him.


People’s desires are extremely different, for each one success means something different, and no one but them can define it in their place. For example, for Andrei it could mean becoming a great rock singer, for Alexandra it could mean becoming a doctor, for Mihai it could mean having a well paid job that would allow him to travel to all corners of the world, for Carmen he could it could mean a house on the outskirts of the city with a garden full of flowers, for Gabi it could mean finding her soul mate and for Olivia it could mean having 2 children, a boy and a girl. No one can define what fulfills us, what grinds us inside every day, and then we yearn for every second of every cell in our body, and we may not even know what that desire is for good. beginning, but if we listen to our heart and intuition we will discover it along the way.

Writing has been the easiest and most enjoyable way to express myself since I was in high school, when I first wrote a poem, then the second and the third, and many more followed. Then there were diaries, I loved to write down every night all my feelings and emotions on paper, I really like to keep memories. In high school, a creativity contest was organized, in which I participated with a poem with the theme „You and I” and I won the prize for the third place. Even now, in order to avoid an argument or a moment of tension with a person dear to me, I prefer to keep my mouth shut for a moment and write a letter so that I can express myself more clearly, calmly and coherently.

My book is meant to reach the reader’s heart and help him understand that he is not the only person on this earth who has those feelings, and I had them, but when I discovered personal development I learned how to use them. those negative feelings in my favor. The book teaches you how to channel your emotions into a positive, constructive way and how to significantly improve your quality of life. Moreover, it teaches you how to love yourself and learn to put yourself first without considering yourself selfish.