Cleaning spaces (home, office, car) with the help of Reiki energy

curatare spatii reiki

By using the healing Reiki energy to clean your house, car or office (or any other space) you restore harmony in that space, eliminate negative energies and set protections on everyone who settles in that space.
Before starting this process, it is advisable to do a general cleaning of the space, to throw away all unnecessary things, to organize the space (not to be messy) and to air it very well. During the Reiki cleaning procedure, the blinds and curtains are drawn so that natural light enters the space (even in the evening when we only have the moonlight outside), candles or sticks scented with the smell of lavender can be lit or the space is cleaned with incense, sage or palo santo.
When a space is cleaned regularly, the state of tranquility, peace and joy is ensured, communication will become more efficient and the well-being will be felt authentic.

What can be cleansed with Reiki energy?

In addition to the negative energies in that space, the present spirits, entities from the past, any upsets, illness, arguments or physical or verbal abuse that may have occurred in that space are also cleansed, bringing light, creative energy, peace and ensuring the protection of that space space and of all the people who live, work, or visit this space, against any external harm.
After a general cleaning, the energy in that room will change completely and the people who pass through that space feel this, even if they cannot explain it. For example, cleaning and protecting the car ensures its normal functionality, it can protect you from accidents and other disasters. On the other hand, cleaning the house brings more harmony in the family, invites abundance and prosperity and releases communication blockages, activating love. At the office, cleaning can unlock new projects and development opportunities, improve relationships and communication between colleagues and even in relations with clients.

How long does a cleaning last and how often should it be done

The duration of a cleaning session depends on the size of the space and how energetically charged it is. It can last between 15 and 90 minutes. It is recommended to do the cleaning once every 3 months, or even more often for spaces where a lot of people enter. Also, after any strong negative event, a suffering, a quarrel, a lot of stress, an accident, it is recommended to do cleaning to restore the level of light energy.

To schedule a space cleaning session, you can contact me.

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