Laughter and Health

We have all seen how contagious laughter is! Much more contagious than any cold. How many times has it happened to you that you feel tired, sick or have fun and meet a friend who laughs so hard that he laughs at you too? It has already been scientifically proven that laughter is a very good antidote to stress as it brings people together and increases the level of intimacy between them. In addition to the good mood it offers you, laughter also has many medical benefits for the body, such as reducing pain, strengthening the immune system. In addition, it is free, it is prescribed without a prescription and it is recommended to administer it as often as possible and in the highest possible doses.

Some researchers compare the effects of laughter to those of a drug with strong reactions, even saying that it is more contagious than any virus, but with positive benefits for the body, of course.

Why is laughter the best „natural treatment”?

According to scientific studies, laughter has been shown to help the body release endorphins, or, as we know, its „happiness hormones.” When we laugh with our friends and family, these hormones are released in the brain, accentuating our well-being. Endorphins are released by receptors called opioids, and people who have more such receptors on their brain experience a stronger effect. In addition, through laughter, we make friends much easier, relaxing the atmosphere and eliminating social pressure. That’s why laughter is so contagious, giving a sense of security and encouraging solidarity. The brain of each person in a group behaves like a transmitter of reactions triggered by the release of endorphins and leads to a chain reaction such as dominoes. It happened to me many times that I woke up with a smile on my face, for no particular reason, just because someone was laughing.

The connectivity of the brain is stimulated by laughter, although the understanding of mental processes is more difficult than it seems, each episode of laughter being aroused by other circumstances and reasons. There are also several types of laughter: joy, tickling, or sarcasm, each of which activates other connections between brain regions. Even when you hear someone else laughing, and you try to figure out why they are laughing, your brain activity helps to strengthen the connections between different regions of the brain.

As in the case of family and social relationships, laughter is just as important in a romantic relationship. According to researchers, women laugh twice as much as men, but men are often the ones who cause episodes of laughter. Therefore, laughter is essential for a healthy love affair.

Laughter can treat depression, due to the release of serotonin, having exactly the same effect as antidepressants, without side effects! The duration of this effect has not yet been identified, but it clearly does much good in the case of depression. So, if you feel that you are approaching a depression, get you gooffy face on and have a good laugh. Last but not least, laughter is good for heart health and has an anti-inflammatory effect. By laughing, we protect our blood vessels and heart muscles from the harmful effects of heart disease.

Maybe science still can’t explain all these connections and connections, but most importantly, how do you feel when you laugh? You feel better? Full of energy? Quieter? Does it hurt less? It wouldn’t ruin a daily laughing routine!

That’s why I’m going to end this article abruptly and I’m going to watch some stand-up shows to forget about my leg pain 😊

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