Soul Realignment through Akashic Records

Terapia Akashic Records

What does AKASHA mean?

This term comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, and is closely related to the ether, the primordial substance of life from which absolutely everything in this world was born. It represents the collective consciousness, the mind of God. It is like a huge library, beyond time and space, that contains all the information, thoughts and energetic vibrations of every choice you have made in this life or in past lives. They can be accessed by anyone at any time and can reveal information to help you evolve. The information you find here can appear in different forms, depending on the main senses of the reader: they can appear in the form of images, feelings, text, sounds and must be translated in order to be understood by our linear thinking.

The dimensions present here are superimposed on each other, because we all exist at the same time, our physical body lives in the 3rd dimension, while the mind and ego represent the 4th dimension and the body of light or spiritual being represents the dimension. a 5a. Although Akasha is not a physical place, an actual space you can enter, our brain needs to visualize it in a three-dimensional space to understand that it exists and then each reader perceives this space differently, some see it exactly as a library. , some like heaven or feel like stepping into the center of the universe. However, the information in the Universe is energy, vibration and exists everywhere at the quantum level, without location.

How to Access Akashic Records

If you want to do this on your own, you need an introduction to how it works and how you can interpret the information you receive. You need to allow your Higher Self to take the lead, increase your vibrational level so that you can access each level, know exactly what you are looking for and ask for that information, and block any external resistance (expectations, prejudices, subjectivity, mistrust, or impatience). ), in order to avoid distortion of the received information.

Or, you can turn to a reader of the Akashic Records who has already developed and practiced this technique and knows how to correctly interpret the answer you are looking for. This energetic technique can be done even remotely, but you have to communicate to the reader your intention, what exactly you want to find out and follow his instructions. Some practitioners actually see images or movies in which the requested information unfolds, while others hear words, voices, directions, or simply know the answer, due to a developed sense of clarity.
It is true that we can see all the situations (happy or not happy) and all the choices we have made that have led us to our existence today. By interpreting the information found in the Akashic Records you can understand the cause and effects of some choices made by you, which you may not even remember, a few months, years, or lives ago … We are not victims, but the result of our own understanding.

What are the principles on which this technique is based:

• We are responsible for all choices made (conscious or unconscious)
• We are the creators of our own existence and experience
• We are not victims, we just choose to be victims
• Everything is created with the help of free will
• Every choice and decision creates effects and consequences at the same level of vibration as the choice
• Karma does not fade at the end of every life and persists until a new choice is made
• There are no good or bad choices, our mind categorizes them according to what our soul wants compared to what we live
• No energetic, etheric entity can intervene to eliminate free will
• We have the power to cleanse any negative influence we feel about ourselves
• Energy follows the intention, so it is enough to become aware of the negative influences to cleanse them
• When we have clarity in intentions and are aware of them, free will works at maximum levels

Soul Contracts

Also in Akasha, you have access to all your soul contracts that you have „signed” with other people in this life, or in past lives. Certain contracts can prevent you from reaching your true potential in this existential plan. With the help of Akashic Records, you can access and delete the clauses, incidents that have effects in your present life for a better evolution of your soul. Most of the time, very important people who have been our parents, children, relatives, partners, are around us in all the lives we live, but in other forms of relationships and usually reappear when you do not – you have settled the accounts.

When such a contract is reopened, that relationship may hurt you, and then deleting the contractual terms is the easiest way to heal that relationship and move on to the most beneficial path for both people.

Benefits of Accessing Akashic Records

When you access this land you can see your past lives or possible futures. To be clear, it is not a crystal ball in which you see your future 😊, but depending on your desires and the choices you make you can see what are the future options that await you IF you make one decision or another. Because when we access these recordings we look at the highest vibrational point of events, the answers may come in less physical and explicable and more symbolic ways.

After visiting the Akashic Records you can experience a deep healing of body and soul and a greater power of understanding of all the situations that led you to the brink of divorce, for example.

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Do you want to know what choices you have made that have created unwanted effects in your life today? Contact me now!

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