Access Bars Therapy – What is it and how can it help you?

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In the 1990’s, Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas developed Access Bars therapy under the Access Consciusness system. This therapy involves easily reaching specific energy points and running energy through them to create peace, health, clarity, prosperity, abundance, creativity and much more – depending on your desire and intention, but also on the points of view you have. you have accumulated during your life in the 32 bars (hence the name Bars).

What is Access Bars?

Access Bars therapy is an energy process for the body, mind and soul, which contains 32 energy bars (energy points) that are located on the head. When they are easily touched, they begin to run out of energy, erasing all points of view taken from family, friends, acquaintances, or from previous lives. Thus, through this process, the limitations related to different aspects of our life are released. All emotions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, beliefs or decisions taken are fixed on these points by solidifying this energy and limiting our ability to create or bring something new into our lives.

By activating the bars (by running them) we dislodge the stored energy and erase the restrictive programs regarding all aspects of our life, from health to money, even peace. It’s just like resetting a computer, deleting all unnecessary files. The bars store these files that we have collected during this and previous lives, which contain ideas, beliefs, thoughts, programs and which we have continuously run. During a bar session by releasing energy such files are removed and allow us to unlock our ability to change any aspect we want in our lives.

What happens at a Bars session?

When we start rolling the bars, the brain slows down, making it possible to cleanse the belief systems, thought patterns, and points of view that have influenced our behavior and life today. Each person feels the effects of this process differently, some feeling tingling, heat, chills, spasms, others may see images or colors, while others may feel a deep relaxation and may even fall asleep during the session. At the end of the session, in most cases, there is a feeling of joy and peace. However, each session is different each time.

The advantage of this type of energy therapy is that it is recommended for anyone, even children, or pregnant women. 1-2 sessions per week are recommended to better integrate and observe rapid changes in your life, but can be performed even 1 per month. Following this „treatment” you will become more present in your own life and you will no longer project past experiences into your future plans. By running the bars you can change the possibilities of the future, you can make room in your life for what you really want.

Benefits of Access Bars

Bars Therapy is meant to get you off the autopilot and help you escape the hamster race, where most people are, by connecting with your true SELF. This way you will be more present in your own life and you will become more aware of what you do and what you choose to do, to see what blocks you and prevents you from living exactly as you want!

During the bar session, both the client who receives the bars and the practitioner who offers benefit from cleaning. Everything that is released from one of them is released from the other. Cleansing these energies provides ease in the body and relaxation. With each bar session, more and more is released, the process becoming more dynamic.

What you can experience after an Access Bars session:

– Ease and relaxation
– Joy
– Peace and quiet
– A state of presence and awareness in all areas of life
– Better health
– Healing
– More energy
– Removing the temptation to judge others and yourself
– Conscious choices

When is it recommended to do Access Bars?

Whenever you feel that something is wrong in your life, whether it is your career, relationships, health or you simply feel tired and stressed. The changes are fast and even miraculous. Bars have beneficial effects on sleep disorders, physical ailments, upset, depression, anxiety, speech and speech difficulties, impotence, frigidity, post-traumatic stress, autism, learning difficulties, chronic fatigue, lack of money, obesity, lack of desire to life, difficult relationships, before and after surgery, during pregnancy, mental disorders or emotional blockages, and much, much more!

When the bars are rolled, any energy load that affects our brain, life and body is released, and exactly, like a cleaned computer can operate more easily, at a higher speed and at an optimal capacity. The mind becomes calmer, having more clarity and a feeling of peace and the discovery of new possibilities. Thus, life begins to seem easier, more enjoyable and you will begin to experience profound changes such as releasing blockages, overcoming obstacles, problems and releasing stress.

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