Rejoice as a child!

Rejoice as a child, laugh with your mouth to your ears and scream as long as your lungs hold, jump as high as you can as if you were touching the sun and not being afraid of burning. Life is an adventure, regardless of age, status and money, happiness and joy are what keep you young and happy. Enjoy the little things, every moment and every moment. Venture with a smile on your face every day… that’s how you get change, that’s how you get happiness… creating it!

Feelings are the strongest thing, they can be unpredictable, hard to control or hide. We sometimes tend to repress them, to feel guilty because we upset a friend, because we like someone we can’t be with, because we can’t think like our parents. Have you ever wondered what relief you would feel if you said everything you thought, if you accepted every feeling instead of suppressing it?
Fear not! You are human and you are allowed to feel: upset, sadness, happiness, ecstasy, emotion, fear…. EVERYTHING! That’s the only way you feel about living!

Respect is learned. Normally, respect is earned. We do not owe respect to anyone at all. And the best teacher in this regard is a nervous and stubborn child. He will learn from you what respect means. And if you are not willing to give it to him, show him what it means, then don’t expect him to show it to you. This will not happen.

Nothing worth having comes easy. You have to fight hard, you want to work hard, but most importantly: NEVER GIVE UP!
Most ask themselves, „But what if I never get the job I want, get a successful business, find a job, go on holiday to the Maldives, etc.?”
You better ask yourself, “What if I succeed? How will I feel then? How glad I am that I never gave up on what I wanted? ”
The most painful question is, „What if?” What if we learned more to get the dream job? What if I risked opening the business I wanted? What would have happened if I had told you I LOVE YOU?
Risk, fight, live!

Don’t look back, don’t go in that direction! Look ahead, focus now and here and enjoy every moment.
And if you really want to look back, look at the beautiful moments, remember the lessons you learned and notice where you are today! Who are you today? Where are you now?

Happiness is a state of mind, it is something that is felt in the depths of the soul and emanates from the outside.
Happiness does not depend on anything but you, it does not depend on people, or material things. You can be happy at any time if you choose to be happy! So why not be happy now?
A truly happy man does not shout out loud that he is happy, but he can read his face, smile and look. A truly happy man enjoys every moment and does not care about the mouth of the world.

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